Breaking Out: Welcome

Hello. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit me. Seriously, thank you.

If you find my initial thoughts worthwhile and continue to follow my posts, you will learn plenty of details about me. So I won’t bore you with the intricate stuff (yet).

I want to tell you the vision I have for this blog. What I hope to accomplish. Where I am headed with it. If your goals in life align with or relate to what you are about to read in any way possible, I ask you give me a shot.

I am forever on a search for answers. Answers to who I am, what I’m supposed to be, what job I am supposed to do. I keep thinking that if I just push onward with my eyes wide open, the answers will eventually make themselves known.

Maybe you think this too. Let me tell you something — this is not, and will never be, the case. 

There are no answers.

If you are anything like me, someone who always strives to make the right decision, do the right thing, be the right person, you will forever second guess every move you make. No matter how right something might seem, you will never be able to ignore the “what ifs” running through your head: What if I chose the other option? What if I took the other path?

And one more thing: nothing will ever be right. No timing is ever perfect. No decision is entirely right or wrong.

So by now you might think I am entirely pessimistic about the future, and you’re probably wondering if there is even a point here.

The point is, these bold statements, these realizations, have brought me to this place in life where I could not be more optimistic about life because of these 4 words:

It. Is. All. Okay.

However, it has been quite the journey for me to get to this point. To be okay with the uncertainties, I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs. A lot.

I’m here to share that journey, with the hope that I will be able to speak to experiences many others are going through as well, in order to help you through things not many people are talking about.

There is a lack of sincere openness in our world today. I believe we all have similar thoughts and challenges and trials in life, but we are encouraged to put on this facade that we are a-okay, doing well, totally confidant with where we are.

I’m here to say: uncertainty is everywhere. But it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I think it is something that should be celebrated. And something that can be accepted if we are just willing to start the discussion.

So — I am here to start that conversation. I am here to share the plethora of thoughts that are bottled up in my head to which I think many people will be able to relate. I’m here to talk about the uncomfortable, to be real and raw and open, to change the way we as a society approach conversations about struggle and life and everything in between.

Lastly, I would love your thoughts and input — if there is anything weighing on your heart that you think needs to be talked about, please share with me. I’d love to collaborate.

With that, I thank you again for taking the time to read this and I look forward to the opportunities this endeavor will bring all of us.

With optimism,



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