In the end, will size matter?

Let’s stop talking about size, and start talking about action.

Don’t get me wrong, the size of the turnout we saw at the Women’s Marches across the WORLD this weekend was absolutely amazing. Being in the heart of it in DC was goose bump-inducing. I had never seen my city so full of love, and I was honored to walk alongside so many beautiful people.

Despite the grim reality that brought us all together, it was incredible to be together nonetheless.

But this size debate has got to go, because what is going to matter is not who shows up in numbers at large, organized events; but rather, who shows up to do the work.

These big demonstrations are encouraging and uplifting, full of hope and inspiration. But in the end nothing truly gets accomplished from one day of activism.

Change happens in the grueling days that follow. The long, tiring days of hard work and perseverance. The trying days of let down after let down, when you’re forced to dig deeper than you’ve ever imagined to find the tiniest shred of hope that keeps you going.

It’s losing day after day after day only to achieve a few small victories, making minor strides in the right direction among setbacks and road blocks.

Those are the days that matter. Yes, making a statement is important — and this weekend, we made a pretty loud statement. We showed just how many of are concerned for the future of our nation under this new administration.

We showed we have the numbers. But do we have the will?

I know we do. I could see it in the eyes of each person at the march. We were all there to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

So let’s put that will to the test and show this administration that we mean business. That we will not step down. That we are here to fight.

Whether that be taking a stand in your community to run for local office, or leading a discussion group to discuss policy and educate others, or taking the time to call your representatives and senators, or joining campaign efforts in the next election cycle, or donating to important organizations protecting those with rights in jeopardy. The actions can be big or small, but action must be taken by each of us.

This is only the start. We have just begun. This must be the catalyst that propels us through these next four years.

We will not stand by and we will not be silent. This is our America. This is what democracy looks like.



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