I felt the seasons

start to change


From warm to cold,

from sun to clouds.

I stepped outside

to find leaves

crunched beneath my feet.

And I thought,

how magnificent it is

that the world knows

just when

to go from blue to grey,

from green to orange.

And that despite our human efforts

to change the course of nature’s path,

it adapts

and continues to persevere.

And I thought,

we have much to learn

from the patterns of the Earth.

That as humans

we follow a cycle,

of trouble and triump

of failure and success.

Much like the seasons,

one does not last forever

and we must allow each

to run its course

so the next can take its place.

So when you find yourself

in a season of trial,

do not attempt

to alter the course

the universe has laid out for you.


Just as spring brings rain

and summer brings warmth,

your season of trial

brings appreciation

for the seasons of happiness

to come.


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