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Letting Go

I often run through life feeling as though I have a ton of bricks stacked upon my shoulders. Bricks of responsibility, of obligation, of high-expectations weighing down on me, clouding my vision, preventing me from feeling completely free to the opportunities of the world. Each day it’s a battle: how much weight can I take […]

Optimizing Impact

The sheer amount of life in this world terrifies me.  As I delve deeper into my studies of international development, the amount of life I continue to encounter grows and grows and begins to become this overhwleming pressure of obligation weighing down on me.  Not only life as in people, but all the things that […]


Maybe we are never truly whole. Maybe everywhere we go, in everything we do, we find another little piece of ourselves.  Maybe there is no final person we are meant to be, rather we are a canvas upon which all these little pieces continue to collect and our story is the glue that ties them […]