Hi, I’m Evan.

A dreamer and a thinker.

A human being, with huge hopes and dreams for all I can accomplish.

I’m here to share my thoughts. My struggles. With the hope that maybe one person here and there will be able to relate. That maybe I will be able to guide someone through a struggle I’ve experienced.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, in the form of long essays and maybe something you could call poems? I’m not sure. Let’s just call it, small collections of words. I love to experiment with different writing styles and the way I write often changes with my mood or with what season of life I am currently experiencing.

I’m still figuring out WHAT exactly I want this blog & my “personal brand” if you will to become. But in the meantime, I’ll share some facts about me.

I currently live in Washington, DC and work as a consultant for the federal government. I studied Global Affairs for both undergrad and grad school, focusing on the Middle East and international economics and development. I want to positively impact the world by rewiring the way global development works, and making critical processes work better for more people. I’m intrigued by the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy and am working toward a career that spans those different sectors.

Aside from my professional endeavors, yoga, fitness and food are my other passions. Along with writing, cooking is a main source of creativity for me. I love making new foods and sharing them with others. I live to travel and explore new cultures. I love observing and analyzing people and human interaction, but am incredibly introverted.

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting me, and I really hope you enjoy my content. Please do not hesitate to comment with your input, ideas, suggestions, critiques, and anything else you’d like to say to me.


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